Open Inviter – Contacts Importer

Back in February 2010 Octazen was acquired by Facebook and was lost to coders and marketers. Octazen was a really useful tool/script that allowed you to import your email contacts from email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and a host of others directly into your apps and programs, a bit like all the big boys such as FB and LinkedIn do now. There is however an open source Octazen alternative you may want to try. It’s called Open Inviter.  For those unaware of ‘Open Source’ it means ‘Free – as in beer’.

OpenInviter - Contacts importer and inviter

The concept of allowing your users to invite their friends to your site is excellent and highly recommended if you want to use the power of sociability and viral marketing to improve your business.

The best way to generate genuine traffic is by referrals, and the OpenInviter importer script helps you do just that effortlessly.

Your visitors simply provide their email address and password and this very useful script fetches a list of their friends and contacts. Your application can then choose to send emails to these contacts In other words it allows you to allow your customers and clients the ability to invite their friends and contacts into your site.

There are already lots of third party applications including:





PhpFox 1.5/1.6

SocialEngine 3.x

Elgg 1.1


Dolphin 6.1x


And more coming all the time! (so check Open Inviter anyway)

It interacts with numerous webmail services



Yahoo mail (incl. Ymail & Rocketmail)


Lycos (including international

MobileMe (previously .Mac) (and all its domain variants)

FastMail.FM (and all its domain variants)







and LOTS more

The list of social networks included is also very impressive so just go have a look and see for yourself: Octazen Alternative

Click Here for more info. With prices starting from just $zero it’s worth every penny. 🙂