We attract your ideal customers for you.  We increase engagement and multiply the returns of the time you’ve spent working on your business. We enhance & use data.

Current digital marketing actions not giving the results you want?

Rekindle your love affair with the media that delivers 3300% ROI

– email marketing –
– but now 
artificially enhance it –

Intelligently Structured. Automated.  and Data Compliant.

Let us do your intelligent email marketing so your business can grow.

marketing data specialist

You can keep banging your head against that wall or you can ask for help from the people that make web and digital things work together. We know data and how to increase its value to you. We can explain it and do it.

Harness our experience. Put your business in front of the eyes of existing and potential new customers to get ahead of your competitors. 

Start sending intelligently helpful emails to the person behind that email, not the email address.

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How small are we?

Infrastructure and Hosting

Our technical division focuses on delivering stable, high quality server and network based solutions located in the  UK and EU, to professionals who seek certainty.

We provide shared and dedicated secure, server environments.

dedicated servers and infrastructure

#V2 intelligent email and data software

#V2 Software

Powerful, functional, email and data management software

Decide to work with us.  Not because we are specialists and experts but because we want great results for you. Call us.

We can take what you have and make it better using #V2
.. or ..
We can start from scratch using the latest #V2 software. 

Lets make things easier for you and your staff.

People, knowledge, skills & Training

Our people focus on delivering  the consistent, high quality services you need us to provide.

We can be a part of your team or we can help you build your team.

Some people call it consulting.  We think of it as terms of thinking time and getting it done time.

Creative Juice

the Connection network

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