Mutual Advantage Logo Mutual Advantage Ltd was formed in 2005 by the entreprenurial geek researcher Kevin Polley (with that surname we did not miss out the letter ‘r’).

Business may be a serious business but we do expect it to be fun.

We help businesses and business owners that want to help their customers.

We do this by discovering and sharing what is important to the success of your business, and then join that to what you know about what makes your customers happy. What you know should be data.

To predict or deliver greater engagement, interactions and returns on investment, with digitally enabled clients, best practice is to be ethical, sustainable and compliant. Good privacy and security practices always made sense.

We provide updates and insights related to data and web technologies including AI, ML, augmented search enhancement (bleeding edge whitehat SEO techniques), digital marketing, ecommerce and general digital commerce.

What we are very good at is making email and data marketing deliver results.

Mutual Advantage Ltd


Researching, web development, data architecture, automated marketing, artificially enhanced email, amp4email, data compliance.

Office Address:

Suite 4, Bank Buildings Business Centre, Station Road
Sudbury, Suffolk
CO10 2SP


Phone: +44-1787-311514

For any enquiries talk to:

Kevin Polley
Director of Operations


Delivering your research, planning, development, implementation and marketing needs.

Registered in England and Wales
Company registration: 5382525

Registered address:
22 Friars Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2AA