Email Marketing

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Lots of business owners never get to see the full potential of their ’email marketing’ efforts.  Ours do, or are starting to.

Because we own the hardware and the software, its easy to help you send unlimited volumes of laser-targeted messages to your customers and fans.

The thing is we don’t want you to.
At least not until we have helped you build and maintain a high sender-score reputation.
It’s possible and safe to work towards a million a month within 5 – 7 weeks.
email and data marketing automation

But … you don’t and won’t need to send millions of emails to start with.

With our help and guidance you’ll already know the best people to contact first.  The ones who are most likely to see a benefit for them, when they do ‘the something’ you want to send them your next email.

  • We help you to get the right kind of something in to messages for the right type of people.
  • We help you to discover more about what your customers want so you can send them what they need next.
  • We help you plan and implement your own business intelligence artificially in to our software.

We also help you to discover where to begin crafting your first nested powerLink email.  Its like a template that will generate and automate at least 100 variations (per sentence, or button or image etc … if you wanted to go that far and that deep).

Each powerLink is created to achieve a primary artificial purpose, and then take a person to a destination.  Which you decide and define. An email may contain one or more  powerLinks or nested powerLinks which could contain clever, well written, snippets of text.

Each text snippet could be suitable for people who you discover are ‘happy’ or ‘sad’.
Or ‘likesRed’ or ‘likesOrange’.
Or ‘productA’ or ‘productZ’.  hasThisProblem or hasThatProblem or whatProblem or even, hasDecided

It will be whatever you teach it to be, or say or do.

Imagine a personalised email, automatically focused around what your readers actually need or want to read.

How the copy immerses you and seems to know how to show you how to do the right thing.  Why the smart thing is the right thing because this product or service is the best option, a really good option for the next couple of years or is the missing piece you have been looking for.

All because we showed you how to help the software learn about you, your business, the problems you solve and the type and kind and frequency of the mails you let it send.

Yes its worth knowing what data actually is.  It makes it simpler for you to see new opportunities to use, repurpose, use and reuse what you probably already know and information you have access to, to get an x-fold jumpstart when you do #V2.