Marketing Driven By Data & Facts

One goal of online marketing is to generate sales leads and sell products or services by generating interest or awareness.  The way we help you use and understand data will do that and more.

The services we provide include (but are not limited to) helping you in

  • understanding your data
  • understanding where data is, where it comes in, how it goes out
  • sometimes pointing out data shouldn’t leak from there
  • understanding the people the data is about
  • understanding the product the data is about
  • understanding why you should check and validate existing data
  • understanding how you could use your data
  • planning how to give your data more value
  • understanding how to implement intelligence
  • how to semi-automatically learn about the people you engage with
  • how to start split testing and using the results to build value
  • intelligent email marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • social media marketing
  • affiliate marketing

As a more personal UK based digital marketing agency, for selected clients we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services and digital business activities, to very high standards, that will make your working day go smoother and quicker.

We craft specific ‘self-learning’ automated responses that interact with consumer and visitor actions and interactions which are unique to your business.

We could say that we magnetize, attract and guide interested people towards your best solution to help them solve their biggest problem.  We do send out very clever and intelligent email messages that interact with the reader.

A #V2 data marketing strategy continues to build value. Every click says something, does something, means something.

as well as many types of display advertising or mobile advertising.  It’s all digital, it’s all linked together.

 We can help you with, or for a fee, do all of the above (and more) for you.

The more you know about your business and how your customers use your products and services, to make their days better, the easier it is and the quicker it will be to start sending ‘mood matching messages’.

We attract and help you engage with your target audience.  We help you to build better relationships with people.

By delivering introductory, training or promotional messages to consumers as part of a #V2 strategy that has its roots buried deep within the common interests of privacy and expectation, you have the unique opportunity to give yourself intelligence insights and capabilities that only first party data can guarantee.

We can specifically tailor automated responses to enhance your overall digital web presence.

Some of the main advantages of data driven marketing  and email marketing are:

  • the almost instant results when properly implemented,
  • the reduced time to split test copy and ads
  • lower costs compared to posting out thousands of letters
  • improved tracking and measurement
  • enhanced returns on your outlay

For more information about our web marketing service packages or to see how we can help you generate leads or sales, pick up the phone and call our marketing team on 01787 311 514 or send us an email.