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Affiliate Software For ZenCart

Setting up and managing your affiliate program with Zen Cart and other shopping carts is childs play when you use the JRox Affiliate Manager.

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Try it for Free. The software developers at JROX have been working with the core Zen Cart development team to ensure that JAM integrates with Zen Cart 1.3 and future versions. This makes it one of (if not the only) sensible long term solution to your affiliate management needs. (JAM also works very well with just about any other software)

One of the best benefits I have seen is that Zen Cart store developers and marketers have the ability to offer different commission rate to individual products or whole product categories. There are some limitations but in all this is the best software I found to date that works with Zen Cart.

Free Version

  • Start your Affiliate Marketing Program at No Initial Cost
  • No Feature Restrictions on Free Version, Just Limited to 250 Total Affiliates
  • All Features in Licensed Version Available on Free Version
  • Free Technical Support via our Customer Support Forums
  • Upgrade to Licensed Version Easily when you need to expand

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Licensed Version

  • Manage an Unlimited Number of Affiliates, Products, and Commissions
  • Easy Setup with Windows Installer, Web-Based Installation
  • No Setup Fees or Monthly Charges
  • Free Software Updates for Life Included
  • Free Technical Support via Help Desk for One Year

Affiliate Management by JROX

The Automatic Signup Module

JAM’s Automatic Signup Module can be integrated into a number of shopping carts or e-commerce applications to help streamline the affiliate signup process.

What it does is automatically create affiliate accounts for your customers during the payment checkout process, all behind the scenes. In this way, your customer can automatically become one of your affiliates, which in turn will help you make more sales.

The Automatic Refund Module

JAM’s Automatic Refund Module can help you refund and / or alert you of any existing affiliate commissions associated with a customer refund / charge back.

This helps you to track any existing commissions in the JAM database that you need to delete, refund, or change the status of, whenever you have to issue a refund.

Order and download your Zen Cart Affiliate Software